Mar 4, 2011

Glory Mission Didn't Turn Out to be Glorious

I was sort of looking through my Twitter timeline when I caught tweets that spoke of a launch of a rocket with the Glory satellite on board soon. "Well, I can't miss that!", I thought, and made a mental note to watch NASA tv on my iPhone later. And, you know how unreliable mental notes arre, and I almost forgot. When I tuned in, it was already launched.

Anyway, it was about a minute after launch when I tuned in, and while I was thinking"a minute! Oh, why was I doing Angry Birds when I could have watched a rocket launch?", the first booster detached and continued with the second booster.

It was fine till that. Then, the commentator started saying "there was a contingency with the fairing separation". And so the mission ended in failure. The fairing that covers the satellite didn't separate, and with the added weight of it, the rocket couldn't keep its trajectory and won't be able to reach orbit.

Glory was supposed to observe the Earth and the sun, and it was launched by the Taurus XL rocket.

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