Mar 24, 2011

For Bloggers;New Way to Post YouTube Videos Right on Your Blog

This is what I always wanted. Remember these tiny little youtube-players I sometimes embed into my blog posts? 
Like this one here.
Sorry if you were looking at this from an iPhone, it might be hard to watch. There'll be 2 more of this after this one. But anyway, isn't it small too small? When you click on the video, it doesn't stop playing, it just leads to the YouTube site for the video. I didn't like that. So I found a new way to embed videos onto your blog/site or whatever, in 3 easy steps. 
Step 1. Right click the video you want on YouTube. (sorry but the video's image didn't show up on the screenshot-app)
Step 2. Choose "copy embed HTML"
Step 3. Paste the HTML on step 2 to your blog post's HTML (sorry, I only know how to do it on Blogger, but this feature to edit your HTML literally should be available in all blogging services.)
And, it should show up!! The improvements are obvious. Just look;



I'm glad I found out about this feature.

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