Mar 10, 2011

Discovery Lands

Discovery landed on Earth the  39th and final time. Discovery has flown many important flights in the space shuttle program, some of them including:

  1. flew all the "return-to-flight" missions after the Challenger and Columbia disasters
  2. launched the revolutionary Hubble space telescope
  3. first space shuttle to dock to the International Space Staation
  4. flew the 100th space shuttle mission
  5. and, first shuttle to launch on July 4th

These are just some of its achievements.
Discovery flew in space for 148 million miles in space, which is enough to go to the sun and come back halfway!!A It spent a total of 365 days(a year) in Earth orbit.

space shutle Discovery

launch of space shuttle Discovery


Oh, and the Wikipedia page about Discovery had a funny sentence in it. It said

The Discovery weighed some 6,870 pounds less than Columbia when it was rolled out because of lessens learned (is that a pun or a typo?).
from Wikipedia
       I think it's a pun.

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