Mar 2, 2011

AcademyTube videos!

I'm now back to blogging, yay!!
Oh, and I started learning HTML stuff, so I might sometimes do weird stuff like the one above, as a practice. I can even make the people who come here get automatically redirected to someplace else, but I won't do that, that's evil.
Anyway, now that the finals are (almost) over, I got a couple of spring break resolutions;

  • learn how to whistle

  • get a bit of info about HTML so I can tinker with this blog

  • have fun!

  • Skype a lot of friends

  • and many more stuff.

    The topic today is Academy Awards for YouTube videos, so I'll show some of the videos I thought were funny& interesting, so it might be one from a few years ago.
    Best Sword Fighting

    This one's amazing, it's really a YouTube sensation. They've edited these themselves, to "showcase the talents of the filmmakers". So if it's you, George Lucas, looking at this, I really think you should drop them a call. :)

    They even have a sequel.
    Best Parody
    This is really clever. They combine shots from the movie and the ones they filmed themselves seamlessly, and it's hilarious! Plus, the Anakin guy looks absolutely like Hayden Christiansen.
    Now, moving onto stuff that aren't related to Star Wars...
    Oh, hey, I now realized I'll have to split the award. Before you see this parody, you'd better see the original, here. I'm sure it'll be replaced by another one soon(they'll ship new iPad 2s soon), so hurry!

    Best Song
    My english teacher showed me this. One word; hilarious.
    The Weirdest
    The guys who made this wanted McDonald's to release info about its burgers but they didn't, so they executed the CEO(no, not really.) But if you don't know that when you're watching, it's just weird.
    The Space-iest(sorry, made the word up)
    It's sort of breathtaking. You should view it from the 2:00 mark. I don't know about the BGM, but I changed my views to the space shuttle after I watched this.

    So, hope you enjoyed them.

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