Feb 18, 2011

What's tall and slender and 634 meters?

 That's the Tokyo Sky Tree. It's a new broadcasting tower being built in Tokyo, and it will be completed in a month or so. The metal structure of the tree(that's what I call it) is already complete, and right now they're jacking the antenna into place. I can see it from my apartment, actually, an I've seen it grow taller and taller. As far as  can see the tower looks like it's finished and the only thing left is to get the huge pa of cranes  off.

Gallery of Photos that I took
The observatories weren't built yet.
The larger observatory's made.
Last Christmas-they sort of lit it up 

The second one's made, too.

Took this today.
How do they get these giant cranes off tall buildings??
Post your answer as a comment. I'll write the answer on my next blog post.


  1. It should say "Last Christmas, they sort of LIT it up.". Sorry, just doing my job.

  2. Um... Yeah, you're right. I'm on my iPod right nw so I'll fix it later on my PC.