Feb 8, 2011

Titan; maybe the closest ETs are here

This is a biggie(or at least will be, I'm sure of that). You might want to read my blog post about Saturn, the planet it orbits. It's getting a lot of attention right now along with Europa, as a planet that might possess life. Though there's surely a lot of aliens in the whole wide space, the closest might be here.
Not really an eye-attracting moon from the outside, I admit. But you can see it has an atmosphere, which is made mostly from nitrogen and a bit of methane.
What's so great about this? It turns out, it turns out really cool.

In 2005, a small spacecraft called Huygens actually landed on Titan and took some pictures. As it was descending to the surface, Huygens took photos of what seems like a river flowing into an ocean on Titan! Though the liquid would probably be methane, it's really cool to know that sea of some kind exists in space.
I think there's a lot of chance there's life here. Though(if it exists) it'll probably be teeny microbes, it's still amazing.
You know what, I wanna be the first scientist to find extraterrestrial life! So if you're a guy from NASA looking at this, could you please hold missions to Titan for a few decades? :)

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