Feb 19, 2011

IMPORTANT; I'll stop blogging for a while

The finals in my middle school are near, and I will stop blogging for a few weeks to concentrate on my studying.
The tests are 5 days long, it's so tiring. The biology teacher's making us remember names of enzymes like pepsin and trypsin, I can't believe it. At least, on English I won't have any trouble.
They'll end on March 2nd, so I'll start writing again as soon as it's over. Until then, be sure to like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you'll see the icons on the right of the page.

And the answer to my last blog post? I don't know if the Tree will use this method, but when people want to take large cranes off tall buildings, they lift a slightly smaller crane up to the rooftop, lower the larger crane down to the ground, and repeat that over and over again.
So, in the end the final crane's size won't be larger than the period at the end of this sentence. No, it won't be. They'll just take down the final small(but not period-small) crane and use the elevator to bring it down to the ground.

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