Feb 10, 2011

Finally! Life on Another Planet(moon, to be exact)

NASA announced that they are sending probes to Europa, a moon orbiting Jupiter, which is amazing! I'll write why in a bit.
But, there's a catch to this...
They'll be launched no sooner than 2019. Eight years! I'll be like, 21 then. I'll need a lot of patience.
This orbiter, called the Jupiter Europa Orbiter has a priority mission status, which I hope means it won't be delayed.
So, what is Europa? It's a bit smaller than Earth's moon, and was discovered by Galileo in 1610.
The biggest thing about this moon is that the white stuff you see on the surface is actually ice, and underneath that is- surprise!- lots of water. And, liquid water is practically tied together with life. No water, no life. According to Wiki, it's the planet with the most likeliness of an extraterrestrial life.

I was really surprised about this announcement, not just because it was cool. Just a few days ago, I published a blog post about Titan, Saturn's moon that could host life. And even more interestingly, I wrote "You know what, I wanna be the first scientist to find extraterrestrial life! So if you're a guy from NASA looking at this, could you please hold missions to Titan for a few decades? :)" at the end of this post. Okay, maybe I could live with being the first person to find extraterrestrial life that doesn't live on Europa.
I think it's almost for sure there's some kind of life there. Can't wait.
In a few decades, NASA might start doing stuff like this on Europa. Hope it'll be throughly sanitized so life on Europa won't get viruses


  1. You should post a trivia question once in awhile. Like for this one, you could ask "Why does a planet so far away from the sun have liquid water?"

  2. You're right, I'm gonna make a quiz corner on every post from now. Thanks for the advice :)