Feb 14, 2011

A Bit About Me

Thanks everyone, pageviews to this website has surpassed the 200 mark!And to cerebrate it, I'd like to write more about myself and how this blog came to be.

A couple of years ago, I lived in the US for about 3 years, and then I moved back to Japan.
Now I go to a Japanese middle school in Tokyo, and I belong to the kobudo(martial arts) club and a string orchestra club and a geology club there.
By the way, the kobudo club doesn't have lightsabers, I just tampered with the photo.
I think I started getting interested in space a lot when I went to a trip with the geology club to Hokkaido (northern island of Japan), and stargazed there. It was amazing, I could see hundreds of stars! (I've almost always lived in the urban area, so it was a really new experience for me) I realized then that the Earth isn't as big as I thought compared to the whole wide universe, I guess.
I already had a blog in the past(Click here to see it), and first I thought it was a nice way to share what's happening in Japan with my friends in America (believe it or not, I didn't know about Facebook then), but it turned to be a failure, so I sort of turned it into a Japanese blog for my friends here. That didn't go really well too, so I turned to Twitter. (BTW I'm on facebook too) My personal account is @Yasunori313 , but I tweet in Japanese so it's better if you follow my blog's account @OdysseyPod .
 And then, I thought if I write about space on a blog, people might come and see it. But I didn't think I could write about space explorations every day, so I decided to write about another thing I like, which is everything Apple. So I started my website as a half-space, half-gadget page.
By the way, some of you might have wondered how the blog title "OdysseyPod" came to be. It's pretty simple. "Odyssey" from "2001 a space odyssey", the SF movie about space, and the "Pod" part is from the iPod. There's another reason too, and that's that this name isn't very common and so if you google odysseypod, my blog and my Twitter account will get on the first page of the search.
But I soon realized that I write more about Apple than about space explorations, and I didn't think this was so good. I wanted to make this website original, not the Apple-related sites there's already a hundred of. So, with this blog post, I decided to write mostly about the emerging space age.


  1. Wow, Japan is way ahead of the rest of the martial arts world. They're already using light-sabers!

  2. Haha, adding lightsabers to photos are sort of like my favorite pastime. If I have time I wanna make a video of a lightsaber duel and put it on YouTube, but that'll take too much time.