Jan 22, 2011

Why the Nintendo 3DS isn't worth it (yet)

Well, Nintendo released the 3DS just when we expected it(the way they release stuff is a lot different from Apple), and there are a lot of mixed feelings about it(at least on the www there is). here's the official site for it, and I think they did a really nice job of making it look fantastic(a bit sarcasm there.)
so, let's look at the pros and cons of the 3DS.

the much-anticipated 3D display:
 pros: It's cool and revolutionary! from the reviews of it, looks like it feels like you're in the game itself when you look at it right...(and that's where we go look at the cons)
 cons: When you just look at it from a slightly different angle, the whole magical effect disappears entirely.

the design:
 pros: It will most likely attract a lot of attention when you're on the subway with it, or anywhere. It looks like it's retained the thickness from the older models, too.
 cons: Steve Jobs would not like this hardware if Johnny Ive gave it to him saying he designed it himself. (translation; it's got lots of screws and covers and uneven surfaces, and so the hardware doesn't really look beautiful.)

the other goodies:
 pros: there's a accelerometer(it detects the rotation of the device) and a gyroscope(measures orientation) in it, so some games might use it to make the gaming experience more interactive. Also, there's a 3D camera right in it, and that's really nice.
 cons: Why would Nintendo put in something that reacts to the rotation when it has a 3D screen that will lose the effect as soon as it's viewed differently? You can't use these unless you move your head with it.

So, I think that the 3DS, though very innovative and cutting edge, is still not something really magical, and you should wait for the next-generation of this to buy it.
Remember how the DS lite was so different from the original DS? I think it will be the sort of same with the 3DS.

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