Jan 7, 2011

What's gonna happen next year?

Well, to be specific, 2012.
I'm sure some of you saw that disaster movie. I myself saw it on my flight to Honolulu last April, and I thought it was too far-fetched. What did you think it was like?
Anyway, NASA's scientists awarded that movie 2012 the award of "most scientifically flawed and absurd movie"ever.
Yeah,  I agree with it too. I don't wanna write a whole movie review, but the story was just weird with that same-old "the main character never dies" stuff. Plus, the movie says 2012 is the last year on the Mayan Calender which makes it possible that the Mayans knew a catastrophe was gonna happen on that year. Fat chance.
If you haven't seen the movie yet, you can watch the trailer here.
And if you are really worried about that really happening, check December 21st of 2012 on your calender with a note"end of the world" or something.

Oh, but there were some scenes in the film where they did some crazy stunts from a plane, and watching it on the Honolulu flight sort of made it look real. only a bit, though.

BTW, some other movies on the list were "The Day after Tomorrow", "Volcano", "Armageddon" and a lot of others I haven't even heard off.

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