Jan 30, 2011

Went to the Air&Space exibit in Tokyo

I went to this museum called the National Museum of Nature and Science, which is in Tokyo, yesterday. There was a special exhibit called "Air&Space; 100 years of dream"(rough translation, sorry) going on and so went to see it.
There was a real-life sized model of Hayabusa(click here to go to my page about it; sorry, I'll write part 2 of this Hayabusa article soon) I was surprised at how big it was- I was expecting a trash can sized object. You can see the 4 revolutionary ion engines on the spacecraft.
This flimsy-looking film is part of "Ikaros", a prototype of a space sailing ship. It uses sunlight to propel itself in space, and the film thing is the "sail". What's so good about using this is that you actually don't need fuel!(this is the official site for the project.)

This is the HTV(click here to see my article about it)

Also, there were some cool stuff in the permanent exhibits too.
These are moon rocks Apollo took from the moon! Apollo 11 on the right, Apollo 17 on the left.

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