Jan 16, 2011

Weird Airplanes that Might Become Real-life

Today, we'll sidetrack a bit from space for a minute, and look at a lot of concept aircrafts.
I think this is actually the least weird of them
B-2 stealth plane
This is a concept design plane that NASA revealed. It's supposed to be energy-efficient and eco-friendly.
To me, it looks a lot like the triangle-shaped stealth planes the US developed, exept that this one's white.

This plane, the one with the wings that look like they were attached in a wrong direction, is a concept plane for Japanese Airlines(or JAL). JAL is bankrupt right now, so I wonder why they're planning this sort of thing right now...

From this point on, it's not even gonna look like a plane.

If someone really flew this flying saucer, there'll be a thousand people calling the police saying "there's a UFO in the sky".

 Buzz Lightyear is on the way! If everyone started to commute or trave with this, there's gonna be a lot of serious air traffic accidents...

And, last but not the least weirdest, a NASA concept plane that actually "flaps" to fly!
It's planned to use solar power, but I wonder how much mileage it has. Not very good, probably.
Probably, about half of them are gonna fail to go to the product  line stage, but mind you, I do want the Buzz-ey one-person aircraft to get me around.

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