Jan 5, 2011

The Voyager Golden Record

As I promised, I'm gonna write about the golden record on the Voyager spacecraft. For more about the spacecraft, click here.
For some of you who wanted to know about the music recording sales certification, click here.
This disk was put in Voyager so that if an intelligent life form(in other words, aliens) finds the thing, they'll know about us. 
So, what's in it? I selected a few of them I thought was interesting.

  • natural sounds like bird and whale songs and thunder
  • an iPod with music such as those composed by Beethoven and Mozart(just kidding about the iPod)
  • spoken greetings in 55  languages
  • photos of humans in their ordinary lives
I forgot to write about exactly where the Voyager 1 is in the last post, so I'll write about it here.
    Voyager's atomic batteries have enough power to be on until 2025, something like 50 years from launch.
    In 2003, it entered the termination shock, which is a point where the solar wind(particles of electron and proton emitted from the sun) slows down to a speed slower than the speed of sound.
    It's thought the craft would reach the heliopause-the point which the solar wind dies down- in 2015.
    A graph to show you the idea of the termination shock and the heliopause- makes you really think that the solar system is a teeny part of the whole space.

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