Jan 23, 2011

Venus; a godforsaken world

Venus is the second planet from the sun in the solar system, between Mercury and our Earth. Its year(or the time it takes to orbit once around the sun) is 225 days, which is still pretty easy to digest. But then, the time it takes to complete a full rotation around its axis axis- is 243 Earth days!So you could say that a day in Venus is longer than an year. But then, the rotation and the revolution is different about this planet (unlike most of the other planets, where both of them are counter-clockwise when viewed from above the north pole), and the time between two sunrises is 117 earth days. Pretty confusing.

The diameter of this planet is 1,2104 kilometers- 95% of Earth's. Its density is again like that of Earth, 5.24 grams/1cubic centimeter compared to our planet's 5.52 grams.

Venus has a thick atmosphere mostly made from carbon dioxide. The CO2 makes the "greenhouse effect", so the temperature there is really high- 860 degrees Fahrenheit!! You can probably say that if global warming here goes on nonstop, it will eventually end up like Venus. The air pressure there is 90 times that of Earth, and to add insult to injury, a wind of 186 mph is constantly blowing on the surface.
Doesn't sound like a good place to spend the weekend.

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