Jan 9, 2011

That's the Second Time, Apple! (first time: iPhone 4)

Apple has leaked its product again. Well, strictly speaking, this is a mock-up of the next iPad, but still something Apple doesn't want to be leaked nonetheless. iLounge says they found it at the Consumer Electronics Show, but Apple isn't in the show(they always skip it). Still, the thing seems real enough.
So this is the next-gen iPad!
Spoiler Alert! Scroll down at your own risk!


Looks a lot like the new iPod touch, with its slim design. But isn't this too thin?
Someone could put it in a bag, accidentally sit on it on the train, and" Crack!"
"Hey, dude, what was that?"
"Um... I think it's my iPad..."
Anyway, I'm sure Apple has thought of "anti-cracking" measures, and I think this is gonna be a big hit.

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