Jan 8, 2011

Pretty Good Proof that People went to the Moon

These are photos taken from NASA's LRO orbiter, which circles the moon, took 2 years ago.
Pretty interesting pics.

Yes, they are photos of the landing sites of the Apollo missions. See that tiny white dot? That's the LEM, or the lunar excursion module's bottom half that was left on the moon. 
This is really cool. Some people might say,"hey, NASA just added those things digitally, and men didn't walk on the moon.", but I'm sure these are real, and I'm just glad they didn't land on that big crater just a few yards(probably) away.
This thing really is a piece of history! Just imagine if lunar sightseeing or something like that really was made possible and people went to take photos of themselves standing by the LEM !
Wonder why President Obama scrapped the ideas to go back to the moon. After all, space really is the next frontier for mankind. Still, It's good that he promised(though with not so much confidence as JFK when he announced the moon exploration plan) that we'll be sending people to Mars around 2030. I think spacesuits for Mars will get a bit lighter than those for the moon because it's not a vacuum there, there's a thin atmosphere.
Just wonder if there was evidence of life on Mars!(don't care if it's microscopic, it's life just the same)
I'll post another pic and the link for the NASA site here.

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