Jan 5, 2011

OMG!! iPad prototype leak!??

First of all, these photos are from engadget.com, and you be the judge on deciding if this is a spoof or real.
There was something that appeared to be a case for the iPad in the booth of Dexim, which makes accessories for electronics. And in that case wasc. what appeared to be a mockup of the iPad!
Just look at the thing!!! It looks like the screen of the MacBook air!
I can't really determine from the pics, but I don't think there'll be a USB port or a sd card slot. I mean, why would they do that when you have dropbox, for example? Plus, it's way too thin for the USB anyway.
But I'm concerned about the hole that looks like a screw on the back. That's pretty weird for Apple to bolt down the back of a device. So, my personal judgement is that this isn't the final thing.
It'll hopefully be released in a few weeks, anyway.
Hope Apple will make the next iPad an android-killer.

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